How to choose a Kitchen Combine

A kitchen combine is chosen by those, who wants to economize a place on a kitchen, money and time.
We are determined at first - that we want from a future helper. When I was engaged in the search of combine, I wanted, that in it there were both a juice extractor, meat grinder, disk for a potato, both mixer and chopping, both kneading machine and blender - in general, maximal set of functions. The cost of full functional combine differs from that in which some is absent, no more, than on 50 dollars.

So, my choice is Phillips 7768. Some words about it.

Every day I use it: fresh, to cut either lettuce or potato. A combine without different attachments occupies very little place, but juice extractor, a meat grinder, blender and basic bowl together are placed on one shelf in a kitchen stand.

Pleasure from work of kitchen combine recovers the necessity of his frequent washing with usury (we don't have any dish-washing machine yet).